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Golf is considered as a sport for men. However Markus Golden Cardinals Jersey , there are a good number of girls who love to play the game too. And most of them are face and body beautiful. These girls are fondly referred to as the golf babes. Men call them such because they are not so used to see women playing the same game with them. In golf tournaments, women are always grouped apart from the men. This is has to be done because men have different strength levels than women.

If you are eager to know who the golf babes of this generation are, better go over the list below. Discover things behind the pretty faces of these ladies who can impress audiences both with their playing abilities and their beautiful features.

1. Blair O Neal

This American babe has such a charming face that?s hard to ignore. If you like blondes, then she is one of the prettiest in the entire golf course. Blair is also a rock star and a model. Golf is a game she plays and enjoys. And that?s the reason why she?s so good at it. Catch this lady on the catwalk or up the stage whenever it?s the golfing off season.

2. Anna Rawson

A golf babe who hails from South Australia, this lady is beautiful from all angles. She actually is ranked as one of Ten Most Beautiful Female Athletes of the year. Definitely D.J. Humphries Cardinals Jersey , she certainly could make your head turn once you see her in the golf course. Her game is like her face ? it?s almost perfect. She is in fact, a player who tends to fair better on and off the field.

3. Minea Blomqvist

Hailing from Finland, Minea leads the all golf babes from her home country. In fact, she goes home regularly to participate in the LET s Finnair Masters. She was able to bag the top prize last year too. She is up against Ursula Winkstrom in that game, another Finnish babe worth checking out.

4. Sarah Kemp

Sarah is another golfing babe from Land Down Under. And she is serious about her game as much as you are. She is a pro golfer so she makes it a point to participate in every major golfing event. Don?t look at her hard enough though. You will only end up with your heart on your sleeve.

5. Janell Howland

You know you?ve seen a beautiful woman pass before you the moment you see Janell Howland around the golf course. Incidentally T. J. Logan Cardinals Jersey , her fashion sense is her next best asset. Aside from her golfing skills, you?ll surely be awed by this lady?s choice of clothes when she?s out there playing over the greens. Janell is currently the champion of the Lafayette Futures Tour. She became a LPGA Tour member in 2005.

6. Shiho Oyama

If you like Asians, then you must check out Shiho Oyama. She definitely is one of the most beautiful yellow skinned golf babes. Ranked 43, Shiho Oyama hails from Japan. She participates regularly in the US Women s Open.

HO CHI MINH CITY, July 21 (Xinhua) -- VN-Index Dorian Johnson Cardinals Jersey , the main index of Ho Chi Minh (HCM) City bourse in southern Vietnam rose to three- month record high this week when surpassing the 600-point level thanks to gains by large-cap stocks.

Blue chips gains were supported by rallies of major stocks having positive earnings in the year's first half, including Vinamilk (VNM), PV Gas (GAS) and VinGroup (VIC), which helped the benchmark surpass the strong resistance landmark of 600 points.

Profit taking pushed liquidity up. The significant capital inflow reflected that investors' confidence had improved on positive macroeconomic news such as stable foreign direct investment, credit growth and promising gross domestic product growth.

Analysts said investors were upbeat on CPI (consumer price index) data in July Chad Williams Cardinals Jersey , although it climbed just 0.23 percent against June. Inflation reached 1.62 percent during January-July period, according to the General Statistics Office.

The VN-Index closed at 600.14 points on Friday, down 1.92 points, or 0.32 percent, from the previous trading day's close. But from the previous week's close Budda Baker Cardinals Jersey , the index won 3.88 points, or 0.65 percent.

During the week, the index experienced two ups and three down, posting the highest level and also the three-month high record of 602.06 points on Thursday and the lowest level of 597.5 points on Wednesday. In comparison, it ranged between 586.23 points and 596. 26 points the previous week.

About 99.969 million shares worth 1.68 trillion VND (79.09 million U.S. dollars) changed hands on the HCM City Stock Exchange (HoSE) on Friday Haason Reddick Cardinals Jersey , a decrease of 13.78 percent in volume and 12.77 percent in value as against Thursday.

According to Vietcombank Securities' reports, stocks of petrol and oil, energy, infrastructure construction and export sectors would become the market's highlights in the second half of the year as these sectors would benefit from the government's policies on socio-economic development.

1. When it comes to air travel, you need to plan ahead to get the best deals. Flying airplane style today takes so much more planning to get your flight the way you want Tyrann Mathieu Cardinals Jersey , as well as save money and make sure you can bring all you need. There is now a check list to think about before you book.

2. In case you should lose something, make copies of your passport, check book and credit card numbers. Leave a copy of everything with someone you trust at home, and hide a copy somewhere in your hotel room. You should not carry everything in the same bag or on one person.

3. As a woman traveling alone, be sure that the clothing you take with you is simple and modest. Flashy clothing John Brown Cardinals Jersey , or even clothing that you might think is not revealing may seem provocative or offensive in some cultures. When you arrive at your destination, take your cue in dressing from the local women and purchase clothing that will help you blend in.

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