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ut also for the other people. So

By Paul Giblin

MADRID Cheap Ottawa Senators Jersey , June 14 (Xinhua) -- The morning after the defeat the night before can be hard to take as the reality of the defeat has had time to sink in. That doesn't make it any easier to accept, however, and so there are hell-shocked Spaniards who have waken up to read their newspapers this Saturday with memories of Friday's 5-1 defeat to the Netherlands still fresh in their minds.

Madrid-based sports paper 'Diario AS' sums up the feelings after the defeat in two words 'Total Write-off,' as Spain's disastrous second half display saw them capitulate to the side they beat to win the 2010 World Cup.

"Van Persie and Robben destroy the Spanish defense Cheap Philadelphia Flyers Jersey ," explains the paper, whose editors, Alfredo Relano's opinion column says the game was a "transfer of confidence from one side to another," in which Spain's lack of "speed energy and tactical deficit Cheap Pittsburgh Penguins Jersey ," were evident.

AS' fellow sports paper 'Marca' was no less distraught, but asks the players to "Sort this Out," expressing confidence that "we still believe!"

Spain goalkeeper and captain was the center of some of the criticism after one of his worst displays in a Spain shirt and Marca accepts it was the "Iker Casillas' worst day," although the online version of the paper leads with his apology for his performance in which he was off his line for the first Dutch goal and clearly at fault for the 3rd and 4th.

The Catalan sports papers Mundo Deportivo and Sport Cheap San Jose Sharks Jersey , always take a slightly different tone regarding the Spanish national team with Mundo Deportivo highlighting the defeat came on "Friday 13th," which obviously only brought bad luck for Spain.

The Dutch gave a "slap with the full hand," with each finger representing a goal against Spain, in an "absolute disaster of a Spain performance Cheap St. Louis Blues Jersey , starting with Casillas, Sergio Ramos and Gerard Pique.

Diario Sport meanwhile of "Farce to start with." With Spain "living its worst nightmare."

The sentiments are echoed all over the national press with the right wing, 'La Razon' saying "Spain's castle was knocked down," and 'El Pais' describing the defeat as "A World Class Fiasco."

One thing they all have in common Cheap Tampa Bay Lightning Jersey , however, is the believe that the Spanish can recover against Chile, although a big improvement is needed. But there is also a warning, Friday's defeat means even if they beat Chile Cheap Toronto Maple Leafs Jersey , Spain will struggle to win their group and that could set them up for a last 16 clash against host Brazil. And after seeing the performance of the Japanese referee in Brazil's opening game, nobody wants that.

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DUI Attorney Grand Rapids represents case of those clients only who are accused of DUI offences. It is advisable to make any statement before authorities only after taking assistance of your attorney, so that unwanted trouble can be avoided wisely. These lawyers basically prepared their clients for trial Cheap Washington Capitals Jersey , they teach their clients what to say during trial so that they can prove their innocence.

DUI Attorney Grand Rapids is well aware with the laws of DUI offence and they know what to do in order to save his client. This attorney also about the local court where your case has been filled and he possesses good relationship with the judges and magistrates and this relationship can also prove beneficial for you. If you thinks that you can represent yourself in the court by own and can win the case then its your misconception as it is not as easy to come clean out of this case as it appears. You will charge severe punishments against this crime such as imprisonment about 1-3 years, license get banned for one month and higher amount of penalties.

Therefore, it is necessary to hire a professional attorney because they have fight many DUI cases in their past and knows very well how to tackle this case. Once you hire the best DUI Attorney Grand Rapids, you need to worry about anything; he will take care of everything and provides you full assurance of fair judgment.

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